Titanium Glow in the Dark Hinged Nose Hoop


***Please read fully before purchasing***

Titanium glow in the dark hinged nose hoop. This gives off a temporary glow after being exposed (charged) to a bright light (close-up phone flash is best). Videos/pictures are taken immediately after exposure to a bright light. Sold individually.

Please note these contain a small amount of glow material mixed with epoxy so the glow is relatively short lived after a charge. If you are looking for a longer lasting glow color - pick green.

GREEN: Glows the brightest and longest.

PURPLE: Glows a greenish color.

WHITE: Glows an orange-pink color, it gives off a bright initial glow after exposure to bright light but fades very quickly.

BLUE: Glows blue but is dimmer than the other colors. 

PINK: Glows a white-ish pink color.

This is not a one size fits all hoop, please make sure you know your size before ordering. The most common size ordered and used in all our photos/videos is 8mm.

  • Gauge: 20g
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • ASTM- F136 Titanium

Please note, videos and pictures are taken under camera flash and/or natural sunlight.

The wearable area/hinge is 20g (0.8mm) and the rest of the hoop is 1.2mm.



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